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Marion Lush - Dzien Dobry (Good Day Polka) lyrics

Marion Lush - Dzien Dobry (Good Day Polka) lyrics
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Artist: Marion Lush lyrics
Title: Dzien Dobry (Good Day Polka)
Released: 1998-07-17
Genre: Easy Listening
  • Polka
Label: Dyno Polkas
         Title Time Composer Rating Download
01    A Good Day Polka lyrics Add lyrics   3:12 - Download A Good Day Polka.mp3
02    Don't Be Afraid Polka lyrics Add lyrics   2:57 - Download Don't Be Afraid Polka.mp3
03    La Dee da Oberek lyrics Add lyrics   2:46 - Download La Dee da Oberek.mp3
04    White Lily Polka lyrics Add lyrics   2:27 - Download White Lily Polka.mp3
05    Polka Jamboree lyrics Add lyrics   2:05 - Download Polka Jamboree.mp3
06    Remember Dear Waltz lyrics Add lyrics   3:16 - Download Remember Dear Waltz.mp3
07    White Eagles Polka lyrics Add lyrics   3:15 - Download White Eagles Polka.mp3
08    Tatus I Mamusia Waltz lyrics Add lyrics   3:56 - Download Tatus I Mamusia Waltz.mp3
09    Happy and Single Polka lyrics Add lyrics   2:19 - Download Happy and Single Polka.mp3
10    Blonde Girl Waltz lyrics Add lyrics   2:08 - Download Blonde Girl Waltz.mp3
11    Headache Polka lyrics Add lyrics   2:33 - Download Headache Polka.mp3
12    Love You Girl Polka lyrics Add lyrics   2:15 - Download Love You Girl Polka.mp3
13    Flisak Krakowiak lyrics Add lyrics   2:46 - Download Flisak Krakowiak.mp3
14    Sa Tam Rybki lyrics Add lyrics   2:35 - Download Sa Tam Rybki.mp3
15    Hu-La-La Polka (Girls from Chicago) lyrics Add lyrics   2:00 - Download Hu-La-La Polka (Girls from Chicago).mp3
16    Cikagowski Panienki lyrics Add lyrics   2:59 - Download Cikagowski Panienki.mp3
17    Zosia Polka lyrics Add lyrics   2:46 - Download Zosia Polka.mp3
18    Hosa Horasa lyrics Add lyrics   2:17 - Download Hosa Horasa.mp3
19    Rano Raniusienko (Early Morning) lyrics Add lyrics   2:43 - Download Rano Raniusienko (Early Morning).mp3
20    Wedele, Wesele Waltz (Wedding Waltz) lyrics Add lyrics   2:52 - Download Wedele, Wesele Waltz (Wedding Waltz).mp3
21    Pod Zielonym Debem Polka (Under the Green Oak Tree) lyrics Add lyrics   2:28 - Download Pod Zielonym Debem Polka (Under the Green Oak Tree).mp3
22    Corus Waltz (Daughter) lyrics Add lyrics   3:07 - Download Corus Waltz (Daughter).mp3
23    Nad Moja Kotyska (Over My Cradle) lyrics Add lyrics   2:08 - Download Nad Moja Kotyska (Over My Cradle).mp3
24    Laczko Zielona Waltz (Green Fields) lyrics Add lyrics   2:23 - Download Laczko Zielona Waltz (Green Fields).mp3
  Download FULL Album: Dzien Dobry (Good Day Polka)

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