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Steve Lacy lyrics

Steve Lacy lyrics
Born: 1934-07-23
Died: 2004-06-04
Years active: 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000
Genre: Avant-Garde
  • Avant-Garde
  • Avant-Garde Jazz
  • Bop
  • Free Improvisation
  • Free Jazz
  • Hard Bop
  • Mainstream Jazz
  • Modern Creative
  • Modern Free
  • Orchestral Jazz
  • Post-Bop
  • Progressive Jazz
  • Solo Instrumental
  • Third Stream

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Similar Artists: Marshall Allen, Jane Ira Bloom, Jane Bunnett, Eric Dolphy, Steve Grossman, Dave Liebman, Joe McPhee, Roswell Rudd, Tony Scott, Wayne Shorter
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Steve Lacy Complete Album Lyrics

Soprano Sax (0000)
Steve Lacy - Soprano Sax lyrics
Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk (0000)
Steve Lacy - Reflections: Steve Lacy Plays Thelonious Monk lyrics
Evidence (0000)
Steve Lacy - Evidence lyrics
School Days (0000)
Steve Lacy - School Days lyrics
The Forest and the Zoo [live] (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Forest and the Zoo [live] lyrics
The Gap (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Gap lyrics
Weal & Woe (0000)
Steve Lacy - Weal & Woe lyrics
The Crust (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Crust lyrics
Saxophone Special (0000)
Steve Lacy - Saxophone Special lyrics
Axieme (0000)
Steve Lacy - Axieme lyrics
Sidelines (0000)
Steve Lacy - Sidelines lyrics
The Owl (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Owl lyrics
The Way (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Way lyrics
Troubles (0000)
Steve Lacy - Troubles lyrics
N.Y. Capers & Quirks (0000)
Steve Lacy - N.Y. Capers & Quirks lyrics
The Flame (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Flame lyrics
Two, Five, Six, Blinks (0000)
Steve Lacy - Two, Five, Six, Blinks lyrics
Futurities, Pt. II (0000)
Steve Lacy - Futurities, Pt. II lyrics
One Fell Swoop (0000)
Steve Lacy - One Fell Swoop lyrics
The Condor (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Condor lyrics
Only Monk (0000)
Steve Lacy - Only Monk lyrics
In Situ (0000)
Steve Lacy - In Situ lyrics
Flim-Flam (0000)
Steve Lacy - Flim-Flam lyrics
More Monk (0000)
Steve Lacy - More Monk lyrics
Itinerary (0000)
Steve Lacy - Itinerary lyrics
Remains (0000)
Steve Lacy - Remains lyrics
Clangs (0000)
Steve Lacy - Clangs lyrics
Revenue (0000)
Steve Lacy - Revenue lyrics
Let's Call This...Esteem [live] (0000)
Steve Lacy - Let's Call This...Esteem [live] lyrics
Vespers (0000)
Steve Lacy - Vespers lyrics
5 X Monk X Lacy (0000)
Steve Lacy - 5 X Monk X Lacy lyrics
Bye-Ya (0000)
Steve Lacy - Bye-Ya lyrics
Five Facings [live] (0000)
Steve Lacy - Five Facings [live] lyrics
The Joan Mir? Foundation Concert [live] (0000)
Steve Lacy - The Joan Mir? Foundation Concert [live] lyrics
Findings (0000)
Steve Lacy - Findings lyrics
The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy (1960)
Steve Lacy - The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy lyrics
Moon (1969)
Steve Lacy - Moon lyrics
Lapis (1971)
Steve Lacy - Lapis lyrics
Scraps (1974)
Steve Lacy - Scraps lyrics
Dreams (1975)
Steve Lacy - Dreams lyrics
High, Low and Order (1977)
Steve Lacy - High, Low and Order lyrics
Clinkers (1977)
Steve Lacy - Clinkers lyrics
Chirps (1985)
Steve Lacy - Chirps lyrics
The Gleam (1986)
Steve Lacy - The Gleam lyrics
Live in Budapest (1986)
Steve Lacy - Live in Budapest lyrics
Outings (1986)
Steve Lacy - Outings lyrics
Morning Joy: Live at Sunset Paris (1986)
Steve Lacy - Morning Joy: Live at Sunset Paris lyrics
The Window (1987)
Steve Lacy - The Window lyrics
Image (1987)
Steve Lacy - Image lyrics
Momentum (1987)
Steve Lacy - Momentum lyrics
The Door (1988)
Steve Lacy - The Door lyrics
Rushes: 10 Songs from Russia (1990)
Steve Lacy - Rushes: 10 Songs from Russia lyrics
Spirit of Mingus [live] (1991)
Steve Lacy - Spirit of Mingus [live] lyrics
Live at Sweet Basil (1991)
Steve Lacy - Live at Sweet Basil lyrics
Packet (1995)
Steve Lacy - Packet lyrics
I Remember Thelonious: Live at Jazz In'tl (1996)
Steve Lacy - I Remember Thelonious: Live at Jazz In'tl lyrics
Live at Dreher, Paris 1981: Round Midnight, Vol. ... (1996)
Steve Lacy - Live at Dreher, Paris 1981: Round Midnight, Vol. ... lyrics
Actuality (1996)
Steve Lacy - Actuality lyrics
Duets: Associates (1997)
Steve Lacy - Duets: Associates lyrics
Communique (1997)
Steve Lacy - Communique lyrics
Straws (1997)
Steve Lacy - Straws lyrics
Solo: Live at Unity Temple (1998)
Steve Lacy - Solo: Live at Unity Temple lyrics
Sands (1998)
Steve Lacy - Sands lyrics
Clich?s (1999)
Steve Lacy - Clich?s lyrics
The Cry (1999)
Steve Lacy - The Cry lyrics
The Rent [live] (1999)
Steve Lacy - The Rent [live] lyrics
Trio Live (2000)
Steve Lacy - Trio Live lyrics
Steve Lacy (2000)
Steve Lacy - Steve Lacy lyrics
Monk's Dream (2000)
Steve Lacy - Monk's Dream lyrics
Snips: Live at Environ (2000)
Steve Lacy - Snips: Live at Environ lyrics
Hooky (2000)
Steve Lacy - Hooky lyrics
Dummy (2002)
Steve Lacy - Dummy lyrics
Work (2002)
Steve Lacy - Work lyrics
The Holy la (2003)
Steve Lacy - The Holy la lyrics
The Beat Suite (2003)
Steve Lacy - The Beat Suite lyrics
Plays Monk (2003)
Steve Lacy - Plays Monk lyrics
One More Time [live] (2005)
Steve Lacy - One More Time [live] lyrics
In Concert [live] (2006)
Steve Lacy - In Concert [live] lyrics
Esteem: Live in Paris, 1975 (2006)
Steve Lacy - Esteem: Live in Paris, 1975 lyrics

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