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By: The Wilkonsons

She sat all alone on a bus out of Beaumont
The courage of just 18 years
A penny and quarter taped to a letter
And Momma's goodbye in her ears

She watched as her high school
Faded behind her
And the house with the white picket fence
Then she read the note
That her Momma had wrote
Wrapped up with 26 cents

When you get lonely, call me, any time at all
I'll be there with you, always, anywhere at all
There's nothing I got that I wouldn't give
And money is never enough
Here's a penny for your thoughts
A quarter for the call
And all of your Momma's love

A penny and quarter
Buys a whole lot of nothing
Taped to an old wrinkled note
And when she didn't have much
She had all Momma's love
Inside that old envelope

Repeat Chorus

Oh, it's been years since Momma's been gone
But when she holds the coins she feels her love
Just as strong

Chorus...repeat 'til end

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