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By: Hoku

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I think that its time
That I should just let you go
So I'll tell it to your face
Instead Of tell it to you on the phone

You see I thought that you were special baby
something unique
But lately I've just come to find
That you're not really interested
in my heart or mind

Thats alright
Thats ok
(You never loved me anyway)
And I think its time for you
to just move on

Thats alright
Thats ok
I bet you never thought
you'd hear me say
That I think its time for you
to find another dumb blonde
Cause its not me no no
Cause its not me no no
Oh no

Last night I went to a party
hoping I'd see you there
And sure enough you were
Hanging on some other girl
playin with her hair
And I overheard you telling her
the very same thing
you said to me the night before
Hook, line and sinker
you were walking with her out the door

Repeat Chorus

You want just another trophy hanging on your arm
so all your friends will see
you got it going on
but I see what you are so clearly
and baby baby thats not alright with me

Thats alright
thats ok
I never loved you anyway
thats alright
thats ok
you never loved me anyway
You never loved me

But its alright
But its alright
Its alright
Its alright
Go ahead and find what you need

Repeat Chorus

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