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By: Lavaflow

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And now tell me
Do you think youíll be translated into heaven?
Do you think that is different?
Can you feel as a new air
now you can breath
gives you wings and makes you fly higher?
And what do you remember of me,
when I used to feast my eyes on your beauty?
And how many questions do you think Iíve got for you?

The old man said that my lot would have been a hard one
but the clothes they drew lots were not mine
And as you were dragging yourself out of the dark words for you to live

And now that weíve cried our eyes out
whatís left behind among the two of us
but just a memory of a dream out of everybodyís keen
and promises for keeps
bloody dead twice or maybe more

And everything is in keeping
with our past old days

And everything can be bluer than our old days
And everything can be bluer

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