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By: Lil' Bow Wow

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JD (Lil Bow Wow)-
Uh-huh, yo (Oh, oh)
Uh-huh, yo (Uh-huh, oh, oh)
Uh-huh, yo (Bounce, bounce)
See around here (Uh-huh, uh, huh-uh)
I make things that make y'all bounce
Ya know?
Heh, ya know what I mean? (Yeah, yeah)
Left to right, right to left (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
It's So So Def (Yeah uh)
And uh it's going down
Ya know what I mean? (Yeah)
My man Bow Wow (Bow Wow, yeah hear me now)
Yeah ya heard? (Check it out)
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! (Peep game, let's go)

Lil Bow Wow-
Around here we pop them collars
Around here we get them dollars
Every girl I see that look right
A nigga like me just gotta holla
This kid here all about stackin' up
Got big head but we can back it up
Long cause everybody get crunk
When we drop in the club starts acting up
I represent the S-O-S-O, D-E-F-M-O-B
That's me, JD, Da Brat, and JE
So please believe
What I do ain't never been done
Ohio is where I'm from
I heard what you said
And I saw what you do
And y'all playas really don't want none
From the day to the night, I ROCK
Say what you like, NEVER NOT
Stayin' alive, living the life
Gots to keep it hot
Shotgun in the drop
Riding good, twenties, TVs, leather and wood
Poppin', watching Big Momma
Holdin' it down like a playa should
Sing-a-long now!

Chorus: (Xscape)
All I wanna do is see ya
Bounce with me, bounce with me
Grab a partner hit the floor
Bounce with me, bounce with me
Some clap, clap others stomp
But around here we get it crunk when ya
Bounce with me, bounce with me

Repeat Chorus:Lil Bow Wow-
It's the B to the o-dub you wow
Even your girl fall in love
When I smile
The tight little guy you ain't seen in a while
Ignore the hype, just right for you size
I get in where I fit in
Braided up, made the bucks
And I'm still a kid
Imagine what life like when I get big
I'mma be rich surrounded by chicks
Couple of cars, couple of cribs
Gettin' a couple of mills
Shining every time I feel
You see how So So get ill
You don't want know stuff up in here bow to wow
Flavor in your ear now
I get down cause I'm hit bound
And I rock an iced out Mickey Mouse around my neck
And I hang on niggas like Vince Carter
With his chrome on his neck
And I outta snatch up your daughters
But I was brought up with respect
When I turn 16 I'mma call her though
And show her how to ride with a baller yo
Let her know why it wouldn't hurt her
To fall in love with a nigga like me along time ago
Sing-a-long now!

Repeat Chorus Four Times

Jermaine Dupri-
I, I, I wanna see you bounce with me now
Take, take, take it down to the ground with me now
Shake, shake, shake it all around the town with me now
What'cha gon do shorty, what'cha gon do

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