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By: City High

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You can say i'm plain Jane, but its not the same
No I ain't into big names, but i like nice things
I watch boxing matches and uh football games
I wouldn't mind bein a actress, but i love to sing
I like goin out, taking walks and stuff
I don't 'round that many girls cause they talk too much
I enjoy quiet nights at home ba Cuz Im next to ya
though I Ain't a virgin that don't mean im havin sex wit ya

Anywhere I go I'm spotted
And anything I want I got it
5'5 with brown eyes
Smile like the sunrise

Repeat Chorus

Baby look me in the eyes
And tell me ya
I'm the kinda girl you like
I'm feeling you
Cause baby you're my kinda guy
Thinking about you just might
wanna run with this
All night long
And if you want me we can keep this going
Let me tell you I'm the type that's strong
And I don't trust a lot of men
I'm independent I'm ain't like some other woman

Repeat Chorus 2 times

And I keep and I keep my mind
Ven aqui, ven aqui, mama
Baby girl don't you know you're a star
We could take a little trip to mi casa
Spend the night popping cris in the hot tub
See I ain't never seen no girl like you
Every sexy little thing you do
5'5' brown eyes with your thick thighs
Every time I see your smile its got me hypnotized

Ven Aqui, Ven Aqui mama (come over here ma)
baby girl donít you know you are a star,
I see we could take a little
Trip to me casa, spend a night popiní cris in
The hot tub, see I ainít never seen no girl like you.
Every sexy little thing you do 5Ē5 brown eyes with your thick thighs.

Repeat til end

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