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By: O-Town

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Lying here on the couch
With my heart in my mouth
Realized you were right, I was wrong, and
I'm in pieces and bits
But that's nothing you can't fix
Cause baby you're still my addiction

Every minute's like a thousand years
Since you were lying here

In the middle of the night,
I turn on the light
Too desperate to breathe
Cause I get this craving
There's no time to waste
Gotta get a taste
Satisfy my need
Baby, won't you save me

Got this craving for you
For you, yeh yeh yeh

It's like you live in these walls
I hear your voice down the hall
I swear I see your face -
It's everywhere, it's every place
I stop myself past the pain
But still it won't go away
The more I try to forget I remember

Every minutes like a thousand years
Since you were lying here


Got this craving
To lose myself and you
When we're standing in the rain
To keeping you awake through the night
I hunger for your touch
Cause I need you back
What's wrong with that
No, I cant be without you no more


Got this craving for you
Craving for you

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