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By: Kandi

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Now I don't have to question,
Where you were last night,
Coz I already know what you will say,
I already know you'll lie,
But I can dream that I choose,
Coz there's something that you don't know,
That when your goina' do your own thing,
I guess your goin' why you talking to me.

* When your out in the club
don't think I'm not,
Even when your out making love
don't think I'm not,
Your feeling good
In somebodys spot,
Gettin' hot
Don't stop,
Just don't think I'm not
Coz I'm not gettin' mine.

(Repeat *)

When I try to get your attention,
You agnore me every time,
You were so caught up to whip your dirt-bed,
You didn't notice mine,
Well I couldn't put up with your sceamin',
And I couldn't put up with your lies,
They say to wrong,
wrongs wont make it right,
But as soon as it's me
Just fine.

(Repeat *) (times 2)

Don't be surprized to know
that sometimes women play the bill,
You may not believe it but it's real,
So baby so real,
So real,
So real,
oh don't think we wont know when,
When your out in the club,

(Repeat *) (till fade)

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