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Ya see I had this brotha who was mad at me
cuz I told my homegirl that he wasnt packin'
told the truth so I really dont give a damn
that I spilled the beans on his little short-stem man
some of ya'll be foolin' us
big feet, big hands, just plain big
but sex aint worth a damn
we women wanna know these things
if ya'll got the bat but not the swang

Put it in work
if you dont want the girl to talk
if you dont want your feelings hurt
put it in work
cuz if you dont that girls just goin go spreading da word

Girl talk got ya all caught out there
why ya thinkin that its all aboutcha
forget ya told me everything aboutcha
But the girls are talkin' the girls are talkin'
girls talk about the booty too
about the way a brotha is hangin to
when ya didnt think that nobody knew
you see, the girls are talkin' the girls are talkin'**

ya'll need to know this
that we'll straight up go tell yo business
so if you gonna come ya better come wit it
if you aint swingin' just put yo tongue in it
some of ya'll be killin' me
thinkin' you got powers like austin
but ya more like mini-me
and when ya finally get ya blood flowin'
it be lookin' like a pinky with a glove on it


What up Papi?
you think you got game?
i know you feelin' like my sexual tame
can make it happy
yo remember me?
Left Eye-TLC
you gotta lick it before you stick it
and thats just me
I be, killin' them with the Gucci fits and kicks
and you be
hurtin' my ears with them lines so swift
you approach your games a joke
co-signin' from the side-lines
tryin' to poke
I'm bigger than that
just small talk, face the facts
ya wanna rock the boat a little?
well, earn ya pass
and its the last call for
me and my girls doing it big
we pop stars


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