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By: Samantha Mumba

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Your love for me came as a waterfall
Flowiní inside me like never before
Your love for me, somethiní I didnít see
But baby, I know better now

When you walk in the room that very night
A special feeliní just burst inside
It was only you, nobody else
But baby, I know better now

Donít wanna love you if you donít love me
Donít wanna need you when you wonít need me too
Donít wanna tell you this now, but it wouldnít be right
If I didnít tell you this tonight

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

And now youíre back inside my house again
Iím tryiní deeply to explain
ĎCause baby, I wanna get it on
And baby, youíre the one for me

But now that I have got you all alone
After all this talkiní on the phone
I should be strong, thereís nothing wrong
Iíll tell you this is where you belong, where you

Repeat Chorus Two Times

It was just something in your eyes
That made me realize
But now I hear voices deep inside
Telliní me, telliní me it's you and I

Repeat Chorus Two Times

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