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By: Jagged Edge

I ain't no hata or nothing
But he can't love you like I can
Trust me Ooh, ooh, ooh…

As the clock strikes twelve
I'm sitting here wondering how the hell
Did I let you leave
And baby I know that I did my share
Of things to deceive you
I'm just trying again to understand
That I want to do
Cause I'm half way going crazy
Girl they can't fade me.

1. He can't love you like I love you
Baby you know it's true
And you should never wanna be with a man
If he can't be a man and do the things to you like I do.

Repeat 1

I stop, and I wait, and I think
That I never met something that can make me feel
Like I'm ready to love
So I gotta do what I gotta do
Just to keep you
Keep you here with me baby
Now I feel it's time for me to say
That I need you boo
And I can't go a day without your loving
Baby I can't live without you.

I know that you want me
No matter if you want it baby
Ain't no ifs, or buts, or maybes
And I know that one day
You'll see that he can't really love you
Like I love you.

Repeat 1 (2 times)

2. He can't, he can't love you girl
He's never gonna love you girl
Like I love you girl.

Repeat 2 (2 times)

He can't, he can't love you girl

Repeat 1 till fade

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