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By: Missy Elliot

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This is for yo ghetto motherfuckers
Are you really a hot boy
Oh check me…

1. What's your name
cause I'm impressed
Can you treat me good
Won't settle for less
You a hot boy, a rock boy, A fun toy
Tote a glock boy
Where you live live it you by yourself
Can I move in with you
Do you need some help
I'll cook boy, I give you more
I'ma fly girl and I like those…

Hot boyz
Baby you got what I want
See cause ya'll be driving Lexus Jeep,
And the Benz Jeeps, and a Nigga Jeep
Nothin Cheeper, with the Platinum Visa's.
Hot Boyz baby you got what I want,
Jaguars and the Bentleys and the Royles Royce
playin hard balls with the Platinum Visa's

2. Is that your car the Sk8
Are you riding alone
can I be your date
Come get me, get me, don't dis me
Don't trick me
I got some friend's
Can they come to?
Can you hook them up
With some boys like you
A hot boy, a rock boy
A top boy and I like those


Imma dig in your pockets
Dig in your wallets
Money I'm founding
Yeah you got heart poundin'
You a hot boy, drive a drop boy
With a lot boy and you a tote
A glock boooy. Don't give
me no reason I know That
you treating the diamonds I'm
needing make me believe it
Make me believe it I want
a lot boy, with a hot boy got
a fun toy and you toe a glock boy

Chorus Repeat 4 X's
Where you at? And I'm out!

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