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By: Bosson

Submitted By: Karen

You say of love
there's no such thing
you've only known
the pain it brings

you question why
I give your heart
you stay alone
you stay apart

I've seen
I've know
I trust
I feel
Love is alive and for real

And I belive
I belive in love
I belive two hearts
can learn to beat as one

and I belive
I belive that time
can tie your sole to mine
I see the doubt there in your eyes
but I belive (in love)

I know you're scared
I understand
please take my word
and take my hand

If there's no faith
inside of you
I can belive
enough for two

I've seen
I've know
I feel
I trust
love has a future for us


I belive I belivein love
two hearts can beat as one
I belive I belivethat time
can tie your sole to mine


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