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By: Mandy Moore

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Among the many muted faces
You try to find me in the spaces
Youíre drawn to my song
You only move to keep from sinking
You close your eyes as if youíre thinking
Afraid all along
That in my eyes youíre so revealing youíll find what your needing

Nothing but pennies in my pocket
Nothing but faith to keep me warm
But, baby, then Iíd be broke without it
Tell me, how much for your love
(Slip my heart in your back pocket.
All I got to keep you warm.
So baby don't leave me here without it.
Tell me how much for your love.)

Hoping the melody will leave you
You walk to where I might not see you
Reach out to the wind
Looking to catch it for a minute
But just to hold it not be in it
Iíve been where youíve been
Cause I'm so afriad the love will reveal what you're made of

Repeat Chorus Two Times

ĎCause somehow Iím so afraid the love will reveal what youíre made of

Repeat Chorus till end

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