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By: O-Town

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Girl I remember how it all began
You introduced her as your friend
But I knew I was in trouble when
I saw her smile at me
And then she asked me for a dance
But never offered you a glance
Well let me tell you girl with friends like that
Who needs enemies?

Should of know better than to trust a friend
Who's jealous of the way we're livin'
I don't think you know whats happenin'
Your girl is shadin' you
Should of known better than to trust a friend
Behind your back she gives me rhythm
But I'm about to make her understand
I only dance with you

Girl you say your friends just flirtin' but
Its getting so ridiculous
That shes thinking she can mess with us
But I don't play around
Even when shes saying that your well aware
And it's cool with you to share
No I still aint gonna dance with her
I'm telling you right now

Don't try to say I've lost my mind
I know your girl has crossed the line
Cause I really wont dance
Shes got beef
Shes tryin to diss you
The minute that you turned around
She pulled a switch move
Cause shes wishing whats yours is hers
Now listen girl that never gonna work

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