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By: Public Announcement

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Verse 1:
its the middle of the day
and we've both have grown a fit
the tv is on but neither one of
us is watchin it know your problem
is everytime my pager go off
I don't pay no mind and my problem is
everytime the phone rings you go get it
and u run and hide know with this two
people between us that don't exsist
and we both gonna go our own lyin
aint nothin good about that in this thang baby
we're both guilty of the john doe crime

who was he guy that paged you
I don't know
who was the guy that waved at you
I don't know
who was the guy who called you
I don't know
who was the guy I saw you with
I don't know
how did you get some extra money
don't know
well aint it something you told me
I don't know
is this love affair over
I don't know
tell me a name
john doe

verse 2:
yeah I know this thang started out all good
remember when you didn't have a dime
I did what I could took chance and
put you on my account know you flossin
some female showin out that's why
I trip on shit like your pager
all in my face blowin up know you get laid up
and the reason I run in the room with the phone all the time
cause you are guilty of the john doe crime



chorus to the end

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