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By: Sean Paul

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Well i don't really care what people say
I don't really watch what them want to do
still I got to stick to my girls like glue
And I-man nah play number 2
all i know the time it is getting dread
need a lot O' trees up in my head
got a lot O' dasmel in my bed
to run that red

Verse 1
well a nuff little girl them out O' road
them got the goody goody
one thing me haffi tell them
dutty got the woody woody
front way back way
cutie k man haffi shooby shooby
virgin them want gimmie gimmie an me haffi tooky girls out O' road say them
see me see me.....and a tell me say them
have something fi gimme gimme
how much time a night them all a dream
bout de jimmy jimmy...they a promise and a
tell me say a fi me fi me
but a promise is a comfort to a fool
so cool
well you done know say man haffi rule
the school....we no pet them just wet
them up
just like a a dignitary me haffi
use up me tool


Verse 2
So how can they want big up them chest
when you done know dutty cup
we deh ya rated as the best
and wouldn't they love fi see sean paul dis
we no cater fi no guy
a only girls we a request
just gimmie the gal them yow
in every minute him with it
fi get the gal them exquisite
and give them regular visit
just gimmie the gal them yow
them all a pressure me cellular
say a me a the dapper
them want fi be them big poppa
gimmie the gal them
off a the chronic we take a drag
and i don't mean to brag
everyday I got to shag
gimme the gal them every time
I look inna mind is only girls a weh me
find.... a true me love them design

(chorus )



(verse 1 again)

(chorus x2)

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