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By: 3 of Hearts

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We don't need the world outside
We got all we need tonight

Love is enough

Let say what they want to say
When you're holding me this why

Love is enough

Everbody's searching for a piece of mind
All they gotta do is look at you and I

Baby just wait and seee
You can always count on me
When times get tough
You're the reason that i'm living
Nothing that I wouldn't give
Love is enough

We may never have a lot of money
But is doesn't really matter honey

Love is enough

Isn't it funny how four little words
Can hold it all together

Love is enough

And even when you're old and gray
I'll be here
And you can still here me say


Long kisses and a tinder touch
Two hearts make believe
What else do we need


Love is enough (repeat till fade)

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