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By: BBMak

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I feel fine
Now the rain has gone
And the sun has come to shine.
Nothing can get me down today.

Head over heels
Got my mind made up
As I'm driving through the fields.
Nothing can get me down again.

Catch me if you can.
I've gotta make a get-a-way,

As the sun goes down
Wakin' up my dreams.
And in my mind, you're with me once again.
Out of my heart, into your head.

And inside my heart
There's a place for you.
And in my mind, I'm with you once again.
Out of my heart, into your head.

Chasing the sun
Tryin' to get away
From the rain that's gonna come.
Hope I make it all the way.

I'm lost in a crowd
Trying to find my way
But the rain keeps fallin' down.
It doesn't matter anyway.

Repeat Chorus

Take a look at the sky
Feel the sunshine.
In your heart, in your head
In your own time.

Repeat Chorus 2x

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