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By: Black Eyed Peas, feat Macy Gray

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Pick up the phone call up the line
Call up the request line
Call up the line
Call up the request line
Nana nana nananana na na nana nana
So call up the line
Get down wit, down wit us

This is a request Mr. Radio Man
Just one desire from a hip-hop fan
Hey Dj (your on the line girl)
Hey Dj (On the request line girl)
Play the record by my favorite band

I like to hear my favorite song on the radio
So I called and requested on the radio
Tell the DJ spin it on the mix show
Make a brother feel like I'm down at the disco
And we gonna keep it going like crisco
Cuz the DJ grab the record by the fist full
by the crate full, and we greatful
When you hear the stuff of records get a tasteful
(Last night the DJ saved my life)
Cuz of the collection of the records he saved
To the direction of the record we swayed
And all night through the session we stayed

Cuz you know you got the feeling
(All right)
Good god got the feeling
(All right)
Touch the ceiling when I'm feelin
(All right now)
And I be feelin
(All right)
Dont stop keep it goin now come on

Repeat Chorus

Turn table let's bless me on my stereo
Play my favorite song on the stereo
Like Macy Gray, Roots, and D'Angelo
Mos Def, Les Nubians, and De La Soul
I like them cuts with the soul and original
Never afraid to be creative on your radio
Spin my jam when I'm cruisin down the bario
Turn my audio up, create a party yo
(Hey DJ would you play ma song)
And get ma rock get ma roll get ma hip-hop on
And (I'm dancin) all day all night
Gimme some inside, make me feel hot inside

(All right)
Got me feelin
(All right)
Got me feelin
(All right)
Got me feelin
(All right)
all shots down
(All right)
got me wanna get down all night
(All night)
All right now

Repeat Chorus

Jump up enjoy the sound
Show everybody how just how you get down
Get loose now, get down
Everybody everybody have a good time (Two Times)
Last night a DJ saved my life

(Repeat Chorus Three Times)

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