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By: Puff Daddy & R. Kelly

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Chorus (R. Kelly):
He donít understand you like I do...
No, heíll never make love to you like I do...
So give it to me... ĎCause I can show you Ďbout a real love,
And I can promise anything that I do is just to satisfy you...

Verse 1
When it hurt, I ease the pain, girl, caress your frame,
Get them worries of your brain, girl, Iím in your corner,
Do what you want, itís yoí thing, girl,
Opposites attract, but we one in the same, girl,
It ainít a game, so I canít play wití you,
I wanna lay wití you, Stay ití you,
Pray wití you, Grow old & grey wití you,
In good and bad times, weíll always make it through,
ĎCause What we got is true, No matter what they say to you,
I can straight lace you, not just appearance,
Stimulate yoí mind, Strengthen yoí spirits,
Be da voice of reason when you ainít tryiní to hear it,
You want it, but you fear it, But you love it when you near it,
Sit Ďer on the sofa, get a little closer,
Touch you right, Do it like a manís supposed to,
Knew you was the one, thatís why I chose ya,
ĎCause you get down foí yours and ride like a soldier...


Verse 2:
Your soul ainít a toy, you ainít dealiní wití a boy,
Feel emptiness inside? I can fill that void,
When you spend time wití ya woman and listen,
It shines more than any, but yet diamonds can glisten,
I canít impress you wití the cars and the wealth,
ĎCause any woman with will and drive can get it herself,
Iíd rather show you itís heart-felt, make ya heart melt,
And prove to you youíre more important than anything else,
Worthwhile, special like my first child,
When I see your face, itís always like the first time...
Our eyes met, I knew weíd be together, and ainít tried yet,
I wanna give you things that I didnít buy yet,
Hold you, mold you, donít know, let me show you,
Ainít no telliní what we could grow to,
Let it be known, I told you,
And Iíma be there for whatever you go through... My love is true...


Verse 3: Iím that light when you canít see, Iím that air when you canít breathe,
Iím that feeliní when you canít leave,
Some doubt, some believe, Some lie, cheat, and deceive,
So itís only you and me,
When you weak, Iíll make you strong, Hereís where you belong,
I ainít perfect, but I promise I won't do you wrong,
Keep you away from harm, My love is protected,
Iíll wrap you in my arms so youíll never feel neglected,
Iíll just make you aware that what we have is rare,
In the moment of despair, Iím the courage when you scared,
Loyal, down for you, soon as I saw you,
Wanted to be there Ďcause I could hold it down for you,
Be around for you, plant seeds in the soil,
Make love all night, bendin' bed coils
You a queen, therefore I treat you royal,
This is all for you, Ďcause I simply adore you...

Chorus (Fade Out)

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