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By: Suzy Bogguss

They sat at the table, polite conversation
Avoiding the issue at hand
Then he made the coffee and she did the dishes
And sat down at the table again
She waited a moment hoping he would speak first
Though it never had happened before
He sat there in silence expecting the worst
Til she couldn't wait anymore

She said "I'm mad"
He heard "I'm leaving"
She said "I need your attention"
He heard "I want you to crawl"
She said "I'm sad"
He heard "It's all your fault"
There is no translation
Emotions don't fit into words
Theres so much between what she
And what he heard

She said "I love you" thats not the problem
And I know how much you care
But for too long now we've been walking on eggshells
I just had to clear the air
He looked at her like she was speaking chinese
With some of the letters left out
Try as he may he just didn't know
What she was talking about

Repeat Chorus

Then he started smiling
And she started laughing
They both reached out their hands
She said "I think we're from two different planet
No wonder we misunderstand"

Repeat Chorus

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