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SORRY 2004
By: Ruben Studdard

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I'm sorry, i'm sorry
Its's like I missed the shot
It's like I dropped the ball

damn I'm sorry

It's like i'm on stage and i forgot the words

damn i'm sorry

it's like building a new house with no roof and no doors

damn i'm sorry

it's like trying to propose and i ain't got the ring

ohh damn i'm sorry

but girl i've apologized a million times before
i'll apologize a million more
so here it comes again for all the wrong i've done
girl get ready babe
here's one million one

Girl this is my sorry for 2004
and i ain't gonna mess up no more
this year
i'ma take this one chance and make it real clear
i'm sorry
for may
and i'm sorry
for june
for july
incase i don't tell you
august, september, october, november
till you december
i'm sorry
sorry 2004

it's like staying out all night
and way too much to drink
damn i'm sorry
it's like you change your hair
and i don't say a thing
damn i'm sorry
it's like we're falling fast asleep
with no kiss
and before we hear
damn i'm sorry
and it's like i forgot your gift
on 02
damn so sorry


girl i'm sorry for the way that i did you
sorry from the bottom of my heart
for how i hurt you girl
sorry on the seconds
sorry on the days
sorry for the things i did
sorry for the things i said
sorry for the lies
sorry for the times
that i didn't care what you want
that i didn't care what you liked
and all i can do
is tell you that i'm sorry babe
all them strip clubs
all them hot tubs
i'm gon' give 'em up
'cuz i don't wana lose your love

all my three-ways
all my cheating days
they're all gone gone gone gone

girl this is my sorry for

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