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By: Dreamstreet

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Woahhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh
I get a high whenever your around
Sweepin' from my head to my toes
I gotta get my feet back on the ground
Cuz u make me go, outta my way
Crossin' the line
Makin me say, what I have in mind

u Make me so excited
And I dunt Want to fight it
I start 2 blush
u r my sugar rush
ain't nothin betta baby
is it for real or maybe
im losin touch
u r my sugar rush

i got a sweet tooth and a taste for u
n it might b 2 obvious but
i cant help myself from what i do
cuz u make me go outta my way
crossin' the line
makin me say...wut i have in mind
woah woah woah

Repeat Chorus x 3 while jesse says...
i dont...u make...u are...
cuz u make...frreal....u areeee...

Baby ur my suga rush
i get weak n talk 2 much
ur the sweetest thing i eva tasted
cuz u make me go outta my way
crossin the line
makin me say wut i have in mind
(Repeat chorus with jesse saying the words)

Repeat Chorus til end

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