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By: Lil' Bow Wow

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If you ever bought a tape
purchased a CD or a piece of vinyl
DJ`d my record
Promoted my record
I wanna thank ya`ll from the bottom of my heart
Secondly, I wanna dedicate this song to ya`ll man
Cause without ya`ll, there is no me

I can never turn my back on ya`ll
Cause ya`ll put me where i`m at
So when you call I`ll be there
Just like that
Signing autographs giving dapsto all my folks
Telling little kids don`t follow those dopes
Cause I`mma keep barkin`
Long as ya`ll bark with me
You know the website
All you gotta do is hit me
Now as much as the girls like me
You would think it`ll make the fellas sick
But they be right with me
Singing not missing a lick
Hair braided rockin` somebody`s jersey
From up top to out west
To down in the dirty
Can`t forget about the Midwest
Cause that`s where I was found
That`s where I live
And Columbus is the town
I got the pen
You got th paper
A CD,a tape,I`ll sign it leave it then get a big plate of fish
Which is my favorite dish
But without ya`ll I could`nt kick it like this I wanna....

I wanna thank you
For making me who I am
And putting me where I need to be
I wanna thank you
For the opportunity to do my thing in this industry
I wanna thank you
For callin` into your local station
Day after day to play my song
If it wasn`t for you there would be no me
That`s why I wanna ride for you forever more

I wanna thank you for the groups that came before me
All of ya`ll in the office promoting me on the streets
All the mon and pop stores
That don`t get a lot of credit
The spots in the hood
The first ones to set it
All mix shows DJ`s please keep it pumpin`
Thank you for your support
And yes i`m goona keep it comin`
I love how you love that
So i`m giving it back
Cause ya`ll the ones that kept this playa on track
The reason I`m seen is because of you
The reason I`m heard and my dreams came true
Now if you ever made a poster or wrote a fan letter
All im tryin` to do is show you some L.O.V.E
And let you know
Without ya`ll there is no me, JD, JE, and the whole S.S.D
Now if you ride for me
I`m gon ride for you
From the bottom of my heart
Baby tell`em what I wanna do


I wanna thank you
(Jermaine Dupri)
To all of ya`ll that been wit So So Def for so long
Keep show`in us love
and we gon keep show`in ya`ll love
Know what i`m sayin
I wanna let you know an uh
I wanna thank you
To the man upstairs
If it wasn`t for you........

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