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Composer: Jack White, Mort Crim

The White Stripes - Little Acorns lyrics

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[When problems overwhelm us
and sadness smothers us,
where do we find the will
and the courage
to countinue?

well the answer may come
in the caring voice of a friend
a chance encounter with a book
or from a personal faith.

for janet, help came from her faith
but it also came from a squirrel.

shortly after her divorce
janet lost her father
then she lost her job
she had mounting money problems
but janet not only survived
she worked her way out of
and now she says
life is good again.

how could this happen?
she told me that late
one autumn day
when she was at her lowest,
she watched a squirrel
storing up nuts for the winter
one at a time

he would take them to the nest
and she thought if that squirrel
can take care of himself
with the harsh winter coming on so can i.

once i broke my problems into small pieces
i was able to carry them,
just like those acorns,
one at a time]

Take all your problems
and rip 'em apart

Carry them off
in a shopping cart
and another thing you
should've known from
the problems in
are light than at heart

be like the squirrel, girl
be like the squirrel
give it a whirl, girl
be like the squirrel

and another thing
have to know
in this world
cut up your hair
your curls

well, your problems hide problems
hide in your curls
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