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Napalm Death - Dragnet lyrics

The ascension of human intelligence
To atomic genocide

Homo sapien
The disease the cause the pollution
Erase the aeons of evolution

Pushed too far just a matter of time
Seemingly nothing to halt the tide...

...Except the end...Accept the end?

Side one (1-12) credits:
Recorded at Rich Bitch 8-Track in Birmingham August '86
Engineered by Mick Ivory
Produced by Napalm Death, Unseen Terror and Head of David
Lyrics by Nik and Justin '82-'86
Justin Broderick - Guitars
Nik - Bass/Vocals
Mick Harris - Drums

Side two (13-28) credits:
Recorded at Rich Bitch 8-Track in Birmingham May '87
Engineered by Mick Ivory
Produced by Napalm Death, Dig and Unseen Terror
Lyrics by Jim '86-'87
Bill Steer - Guitars
Lee Dorrian - Lead Growls
Mick Harris - Drums/Whirlwind caveman screams and growls
Jim - Grinding bass and eyes popping out

All lyrics and music by Napalm Death '82-'87

Damn, heavy lyrics huh? Told you, you were really missing out on some
quality lyrics... you don't get things this cool in rap songs!

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