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Composer: Conrad Deisler

Austin Lounge Lizards - I'll Just Have One Beer lyrics

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Darlin', you know you know me much better than I know myself
And this sittin' at home and watchin' TV is ruinin' my mental health
So I guess I'll go down to ol' Herschel or Harem's or Sweeny's or some such place
How come you've got that strange look on your face?
Honey don't you know that

I'll just have one beer, then I'll be right home
Well I guess I might have said that once before
But this time don't you know I really mean it
And you know I don't get drunk anymore

But some of them guys be singin' them songs, doin' a little pickin' too
And you know how they love to twist my arm
But I just can't help it if I've gotta jump up and show 'em how to "Yodel-ay-eee-hoo!"
And I don't see how one beer's gonna do me any harm
Let's see now...

Well I'm sittin' here thinkin "Do I know another song?" Gotta keep this party alive
And I know how you hate it when you're sleepin' alone, but I'm just too drunk to drive
But along about two, if I should find I'm gonna be a little late gettin' home
Don't you know that I'll call you on the phone
And wake you up singing...

"I'll be home for breakfast
You can count on me"

But I'll just have one beer then I'll be right home
Well I told you that a bunch before, I guess
But don't you know this time I really mean it
And you know I don't get drunk anymore
And you know I don't get drunk any less
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