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Composer: Mzwakhe Mbuli

Mzwakhe Mbuli - Abortionism lyrics

Life is noble
Life is precious
Life is sacred
Yes life is God ordained
Life termination is life elimination
Life termination is murder

Abortionisim is a demon
A demon of death and distraction
Abortionisim is a demon
A demon of doom and gloom
Abortionists are enemies of God
Abortionists are enemies of life
Abortionists are enemies of morality
Abortionists are enemies of truth
Yes abortionists are infants killers by trade

Reborn babies are butchered and mutilated
Reborn babies are poisoned and flushed to death
Abortion is human slotter it is a horrible sin indeed

Politicians call it women's choice
Academics call it surgical removal
I call it murder within a human body
Thou shall not kill

Doctors have infringed their hypocratic oath
Doctors and nurses have since become paid assassins
Legalize abortion is legalize sin
Yes abortion contradicts the right to life in the bill of rights

Feminism cannot beautify death
Flowers cannot beautify death
Health policies cannot beautify death
Political correctness cannot beautify death
Even sweet words cannot beautify death

Life starts at conception
South Africa why encourage Godlessness
South Africa why abolish death penalty yet legalize abortion
Why legalize abortion yet condemn child abuse

Inhliziyo enecala hayiphumuli
Uzenzile hakakhalelwa

BEHOLD sins unconfessed are sins reproduced
Yes sins unconfessed are sins unforgiven........
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