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Composer: Kelly, R., Valenzano, M., Lyons, A., Gray, Terius "Juvenile"

Juvenile - Rodeo lyrics

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Y'all need to open your ears up and soak this game up
If nobody don't know ya I'm gonna make ya'll famous
This is 24 karats but it shine like stainless
Just look at how the diamonds compliment my fingers
Yes indeed
Shit chokin me (whoo)
I need a breath to breathe
Chasin' with the Hennessy now that's how a G play
Especially when them hoes shakin that ass to tha DJ
Hip hop had do it big give him some leeway
If security stop trippin and you niggas be easy
Yes sir it's the bubble right here
Ya all beautiful women if you insecure

Let me see you work that, Twurk that, serve that c'mon and do the rodeo
Let me see you bounce that, move that, do that, let me see you do the rodeo
Let me see you work that, Twurk that, serve that c'mon and do the rodeo
Let me see you bounce that, move that, do that, let me see you do the rodeo

It's like you don't even have nuttin' on
Got everybody watchin' you so you can show that thong
It's your birthday lil' mama get your kodak on
But don't quit showin the world you in tha throwback zone
We ain't beefin' like nah we on the positive vibe
But I still keep the homicide squad on the side
See I'm holdin' on to the steering wheel controllin' the ride
And ya'll comin out a bumpin' cuz I got it in drive
I'm really feelin your outfit it must be nice
A hard worker like myself could afford that price
I can't deny that you's a beautiful bitch
You got a face and a ass and a smile that won't quit


We not judgin by size that's all statistics
Just turn the lights down and it's ballerific
It's not the right spot to let your daughters visit
There's some freaks up in here and it's all explicit
My round put me on ya just cuz he won't leave
Shit I hope he don't be trippin on some be home shit
Cuz Jack ain't worried about who Stacy with
And he dont have to be puttin up with Stacy's shit
I ain't lying sometime when you cross my path
Up in the club all night a nigga stalk your ass
Big fine I ain't trippin
And I know you ain't trippin cause you know you wore that there night for me

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