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Composer: Smith, J., Jones, R., J.C. Phillips, Jefferson, L., Gray, Terius "Juvenile", Chris Love

Juvenile - Why Not lyrics

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intro: Juveile
You can find me in the parking lot
By the car alot
Where we spark alot
Up in the hall way where it be dark a lot
We don't talk to cops cuz we all be hot

Chorus Juvenile (Lil Jon)
Homie you need to get you something new (Why Not)
Shit I ride some green some blue (Why Not)
They gonna respect when a gangsta come through (Why Not)
They doin numbers were doin some to (Why Not)

Verse 1 Juvenile
Is you doin ya dirt
They really know ya by your work
Is you holdin your turf you're goin out there head first
Do Ya know the rules when you got beef wit a fool
Can you stick and move and can you sleep wit the tool
if you livin in the camp you bout to make him an examp
So when they see the stamp they gon respect it like a champ
You light in the ass but kinda heavy in the cash
Be rollin the grass you still totin a souljia rag
You been out there on the grind spending most of your time
In a section of nobodys so you gotta shine
Will you bust a head, know how to do it how to play it
bet a hundread in the ville and parlae it
Can you flip a Z go back and get a quarter key
when your rid of that call Rico up and order three
Put your people in it cause thats the way you gotta see it
If you wanna be respected as the G est


Verse 2 Juvenile
Your life stink with pretty hoes in your face
You hate jakes you just came home on a case
Can you make a name, can you be patient in the game?
Can you make a claim and protection stay the same?
Will you hold it down when lil homies ain't around?
Will you hold your ground like you the only one in town?
You feelin this when you listen to it when you creep
Is you real in the streets or in the hood with the heats
You ain't tryin to joke be real for ya folks
Your people broke they aggrivate you on the ???
Do you sell weed and never make a profit?
Do you blow weed till it hurts ya and your body ??
Got a lot to prove you scared to lose
Cuz you a sinner on the grind
Put your people in it but thats the way you gotta see it
If you wanna be respected as the G est
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