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Composer: Johnny Dread

Johnny Dread - Who We Are lyrics

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Who We Are
Who are you?
You donít know? Well, you should know
Who you are

Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
Ah ah
Let me tell you just Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
Ah ah
Well excuse me sir, let me introduce myself
My name is Ruben, and my brother is Issachar
We nah come here fi lecture,
Oh no, no,
We just a come fi conquer
For that is Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
Well I am intelligent
Well, elegant
Donít call I delinquent
Every time majestic
When Babylon stand up
Me sit down,
When Babylon sit down
Me stand up
Babylon follow the Pagan
And I and I are the original Christian
Fly on, Fly on
Despite my broken wing
Walk on, Walk on, Walk on,
Despite my broken knee
Pray on, Pray on, Pray on,
Every day deh pon my bended knee
And Triumph, Triumph, Triumph,
Despite the elements surrounding me
For that is Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
We are Zebulun
We are Judah
We are Gad
We are Joseph
We are Dan
Yes, Levi
We are Issachar
I and I stand Ruben
For that is Who We Are
Who We Are (chorus)
Yes we are African
Who We Are (chorus)
Well, I am Cuban
Who We Are (chorus)
The whole a we are Aethiopian
Who We Are (chorus)
Who We Are (chorus)
Who We Are (chorus)
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