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Jimmy Roses - Hunger Pains lyrics

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I’ve been around the block more then a time or two
I sold dope cuz I thought that’s what I had to do...
Get Money, Get money, Get money...
So I got money, got money, got money
Dipping in the stretch homeless and vets
Wood grain dash like they do legit
I ain’t got to touch dope to receive no checks
I beat them at they own game state affairs
Now they mad at me cuz they know my feeling stay fit
I am a boss up in this game baby boy break it
You know it took a few hits before that could be said
I had to make a few hits; I had to bust a few heads I had to be about bread like dough boy fresh
Coke part about it, we aint even there yet
but it really doesn’t matter
it make the journey fatter
I am rolling wit my thizz niggas ready wit a hammer
Pack the club like a tub wit to much water
Hit the stage make them break to the sound of order
So hyphy, we so hyphy any given day in the bay is fo show not might be...

(Chorus) x3
There’s only one thing on my mind is… get money
Hunger pains hurt and is bad for your tummy

I only think about one thing is get money, fast cars, and jewels i want a brand new with a Benz in the front two missive’s in the back, pet tiger on display with a cane and a braves hat
More then five planes, white billet with taste
Fuck minimum wage me and my niggas gonna get paid off top, me and my niggas gonna get paid off top .too many prices their to pay
walk away from this game made and unpaid believe it when i say this game be unsafe catch me lurking , hanging in the most unlikely places saying their your friends but they unfamiliar faces.

You know you hear coming but you do not want to see me knocking, do not want to see me knocking x2

(Chorus) 3x
There’s only one thing on my mind is … get money
Hunger pains hurt and is bad for your tummy

If listen again ima tell you the same I be making my bread i be laughing in they face when I be rolling
(Voice) Yeah I see you and I know you see me
i got money send I got money to save to my Mexican over there in the pin cuz i know its lonely (voice) don't trip love one i got you, their some in the mail coming for you

I use to dream about days like this with diamonds on my teeth ice on my face
my biggest fear is were there days like this not sell a whole lot and no one let this shit hit

So i ma get it right this time I swear lil bless when I wrote this rhyme i see how you stressing cuz iam getting my shine this northern California and iam making it mine

(Chorus) x3
There’s only one thing on my mind is… get money
Hunger pains hurt and is bad for your tummy
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