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Composer: Matt Munisteri

Matt Munister - Let's Do Something Bad lyrics

From days before the Pharaohs,
Loveís hurled its poison arrows,
At those the fates would loathe to tear apart,
Oh my heart,
But passion is not lenient,
So should its sting be inconvenient,
Then itís best we Ďfess itís not quite love,

Still pity those afflicted,
Their guilty thoughts convicted,
Them to serve a life of upstanding denial,
Still, the thing that I find oddest,
Should my proposal seem immodest,
Is that our sins would be as original
As the music to this song,

So letís do something bad,
Letís ruin the friendships weíve had,
Letís do something worse,
Than try to rhyme some amateur verse,
To coyly converse on why these
simple human pleasures canít be had by us,

Letís do something dumb,
Then shrug that it was all in good fun,
Letís just say we forgot,
And look to book a cave like old Lotte,
How much gin have you got?
Ah, letís act with a callous disregard,
For trust and friends and loved ones,
Itís really not that hard,
Itís easy to play the cad when you hurt this bad,

Letís put a kink in the plot,
And spend this night like Gwen spent Lancelot,
Letís go abandon all reason,
And just abandon to a swift carnal pleasiní
Iím not above treason,
Just make my next a double,
Leave the bottle by the bed,

Just once, to see how it feels, Ooo
And then once more if weíre as agile as seals,
You need a clinical label?
Well if you facilitate, Iíll gladly enable,
Lemmie clear of this table,
Then letís admit, the bridges that weíre burning,
Itís either friendless shame, or else itís endless yearning,
And either one will drive you mad,
So, you might as well take the scenic route,
Hurt the people who love us,
They hurt someone too,
Having you, who knows? They could be glad!
If you donít, youíll wish you had,
Got it good, going bad.
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