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The Smashing Pumpkins - 7 Shades of Black lyrics

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I'm on the street yeah
I want you
I'm looking for myself
I'm gonna make it
I'll take it
Like everybody else
Belle of the fawning
I'm yawning
Sister can't you spell
Above suspicion
Hey listen !
I'm digging my own hell
'Cause I want you bad, ah
'Cause I want you bad

And without peer
And without fear
I'm without anyone at all
I'm torn apart, decrying
How unjust you are
For busting
My black heart

'Cause you don't want me no more
But just you worry
'Cause when they scratch-scratch my door
You'll hurry
Ah 1, 2, 3

This gun is loaded, devoted
You postulate the rest
Riding the seesaw
There's no law
That I have ever met
I'm just a flat punk
On dead junk
Riding a vanguard
Cut from the vaunted
I'm haunted, till death do us part
'Cause I want you bad, ah
'Cause I want you bad

Fall in hate with me with one trick
You will want it all

The yeah-yeah tears
The now and here
The without anyone at all
I'm torn without
I'm crying out for doom

'Cause you don't want me no more
But babe don't worry
'Cause when you scratch-scratch my door
I'll show you, either or?

We are the lurking
The panzers
The black as coal as night
Stealing the stealthy
And stellar
Until we get it right
Notice the yearlings
The dead things
The pretty as you please
I am the regent, the marquis
Sowing my bad seeds
'Cause I want you bad, ah
'Cause I want you bad

Fall in hate with me with one trick
You will want it all
As St. Patrick pipes on!
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